What is a good Click Through Rate? Why Should I Care?

First Things First : What is a site’s CTR?

Funny thing is when you decide to get to the nitty gritty and learn what is considered the Clickthrough rate of any given site, you quickly find that everyone has a different answer. Some answers are very different and some, vary by only a little. But one thing is for sure. It’s important to see what the true authorities say. So let’s quickly go through how the top 3 authorities: Wordstream, Google Adwords, and Wikipedia, all define the term.

First we’ll start with Wordstream’s definition:

As Defined per Wordstream


Next up we’ll see what’s Google Adwords definition of Click-Rate:

ctr mobi, clickthrough rate mobile, Clickthrough rate Defined by Adwords
Adwords Definition of Click through-rate,


And Finally, Wikipedia Defines the term this way:

ctr mobi definitions
Click Rate Defined by Wikipedia

We can say one thing for certain Click_through_Ratings should be defined as;

Number of Clicks Divided By Number of Impressions

You may be thinking, “Okay, but why does Click Rate matter for me?”

Great question. The reason why Click Rates matter for you is a two part answer. One, you may be the average web surfer in which case C T R really doesn’t matter too much at all, unless you plan on monetizing one of your personal websites. The second part of the answer is this: ClickThrough-Ratings matter more than most people think if you’re a digital marketer, the why they matter may shock you. But first

Have you ever seen the very first Banner Ad? The first one was for AT&T, and it hit the web on Oct. 27th 1994.  In 2004,  Adland celebrated the Pioneer’s Tenth Anniversary.

You can see the banner below /

ctr mobi, the first banner ad
Courtesy of Mashable

That very first AT&T banner had a remarkable click rating of 44%. Which is not the standard, by any means, today. But it did get me wondering if clicks mattered in terms of Rank, which is part of the “Why” digital marketers have another reason to care about there marks. So I dug up the very first study that was done on the “Rank vs Rate” Theory way back in 2006 by AOL.

Studies on C.T.R. 2006-September, 2017

AOL studied 20 Million queries made by half a million users in Google search way back in 2006. RedCardinal.ie published those findings, and you can see what was discovered below:

ctr mobi, mobile ctr 2017
Image by redcardinal.ie

Yes there are other perspectives, and skeptics of course but when it comes down to facts here is the latest information concerning the topic of CTRates in Correlation with Rank.

ctr mobi cites advanced web ranking
via advancedwebranking.com

Needless to say, what was uncovered is somewhat shocking at first. When you think about it though and remember what people like Search Rank Engineer, Paul Haahr, said through one infamous Slideshare of his. It’s really not that surprising that click-per-page directly correlates with ranks.

ctr mobi cites paul haahr
Paul HaahrRanking Perspective Slide 30

If you went and looked at the actual source you would know what I added for emphasis. I will point out that it’s not that hard to guess either. I believe this evidence is the most telling of all, and the fact that it comes from a Google Rank Engineer is the nail in the coffin, if you will. Putting the query ” Does ClickThroughRate effect Rank?” to bed for good. So now you know the “Why” your sites rates matter, but your sites aren’t even close to 23% or 33% click through are they? How can you get your ratings up that high?

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