Discover Optimization Secrets? 6 Bullets to Skyrocket Mobile CTR

How to Optimize your sites Mobile Click-Through Rate?

By using the “Clicks x 6” formula
Proven to put big profits in pockets

Who else is showing sizable signs of next level gains because of their sites above-average clicks on cell phones and tablets? More importantly, for those who have not had those results this re-post worthy piece, Discover Optimization Secrets? 6 Bullets to Skyrocket Mobile CTR will show you how to have the same type of experience on your site.

This quick read will be a profitable bite of quality information. The type of contextual content that invests deep knowledge into your person. Not to mention, a greater understanding of CTR.

-Wisdom that when applied, immediately translates to more revenue on record.

Without further ado, let’s look at these, six best practices, the formulaic approach to the best rates possible.


  • Triggertrap:

Discover. Amazing. Revealing…
…these are all powerful examples of top tier emotional triggers. Use them

  • Topical Keyword:
    Obviously, you know what a keyword is…a topical keyword would be the next size up from that.
    For example: let’s say your keyword is “gucci ace embroidered sneakers” the topical keyword could be “men’s designer shoes”
  • Content Format:
    Giving Expectations of the format your content will be in, whether it’s a top ten list, survey, course, etc. will draw in more targeted traffic. The more target the more likely they will click and click again.

Check out this content marketing format funnel from Adido

A content marketing strategy to support-Created by Adido

content marketing on ctr mobi

  • Context Specific:
    Reveal to the visitors preciously the specific context your page or post will be in. Let’s say your page context is quotes, images, or facts, tell them that. Here’s an acronym that rings loud and clear today for you to consider.

Excerpt on Context from My Upcoming Book:

Discover Next-Wave SEO: The CTR Mobi Revelation

Currently Transparency Resonates

Be Clear and Concise about what your content cups are filled with. We’ve heard the cultish warning; Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid.

And For content distributors we should be living examples of this rule on our websites.

Don’t Serve Kool-Aid”

  • The Why:
    Beneficial Content is Valuable Content — sell the visitor on “The Why” the piece you want them to read, will conquer challenges they face.

Iron Sharpens Iron as does a Friend sharpen a Friend by telling untold counsels. How does someone make friends? By being friendly. Show them you are a valuable friend to have: sharpen their skills, enlighten them with insider’s insights, and enlarge their earning capacity if you want to gain a stranger’s trust.

  • Can They Relate:
    The difference with this bullet is this. This bullet is conceptual.
    Can They Relate, is the concept of how to optimize your content,  so that your site closes more clicks. In turn, creating higher rankings and returns.

Mobile CTR: Can They Relatevia

What have we learned: Click x 6 Summary

-Don’t use: Click-Bait Alienates

-Use: “Click-Fate” Relate and Create high CTR

Be 100% positive that you know your attentive audience.  Remember to make sure that the content you’ve crafted for them is “Mobile CTR” quality, controlled, content before publishing. How do we do that? By strictly following what I’ve been calling the “Clicks by 6”
formula above.

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Discover Next-Wave SEO: The CTR Mobi Revelation

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Dec. 1st, 2017

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