Click Through Rate Google Analytics (Finding the Formula)

Click Through Rate Google Analytics (Finding the Formula) really isn’t that hard. But First…

Who doesn’t rant and rave about the wealth of knowledge and insight they find in GA? Actually…A lot of People. This Article, ” Click Through Rate Google Analytics (Finding the Formula) ”  will clear up a lot of the fuzzy, not so easy to navigate, areas of Analytics and CTR. Putting you on the path to understanding how to bring in way, way, way more money with your site, using data. But First, let’s look and see how some of the internet feels about Google’s data tool.

click through rate google analytics

I would say the majority of the internet has no idea how to utilize Google’s awesome analytical toolset. (Let’s change that for you specifically) On top of that, the ones who do, have usually been around for awhile, and not all, but many of them have consistently made very public complaints about why the tool is not all that great.

Take Larry Kim, for instance. Mr. Kim wrote about The Analytics Tool in his article Hacking Your Way to 5x Higher Organic Click-Through Rates, an article he wrote for Moz back in 2016. In that article, Mr. Kim said this,

“For starters, it’s ridiculously hard to tell what your organic CTR is for a keyword. Thanks, Google…”

Nothing New there but, Mr. Kim Continued his Rant…

“Another challenge preventing CTR from being a bigger deal today is Google Analytics, which hasn’t provided keywords to us for years. You can figure out the number of impressions and clicks for your top 1,000 pages, but the limited query data (1 percent of total) is a killer. It might be easy to see your CTR data, but it’s hard to know whether what you can see is good or not.”

I mean, yeah, having the data for only 1% of the Total Queries sucks. And I can see his point to some extent. Albeit, I can’t get passed the glaring fact that Google is a Private, for-profit, Business.

If I was in Google’s shoes, I would make the prudent business decision and stop releasing assets of that type of worth for free as well.Anyone could use that data to save themselves a lot of money. A lot of money that I would, if I were the strong arm of the ABC’s, normally pocket if I decided to stop giving so much data away freely.

I’m not the Googs, but I still don’t understand Mr. Kim’s complaint. If you don’t like how Goog plays, then take your searches and go play with someone else. That’s how I see it.

But some get caught up on the luxuries that are no longer available. Having ran their course a bit too early for their taste. Proving that Convenience is a Cruel Crutch.

Boom! Dependency sets in…

Click through rate google analytics,
Coutesy of Chappelle’s Show by Comedy Central










…as soon as that happens, the crutch cracks, and so crumbles the cripple. The same cripple who had no trouble walking, until after resting for convenience, on what was not a crutch at all, but a subtle snake.

On the flip side, many users absolutely love Google Analytics. For me it’s a Love, Hate Relationship. But we won’t get into that. We’re already off course enough. Time to get back to the topic.

Ohh That’s How You find Your Sites Click-Through Rate in Google Analytics…

For the very beginner you can just keep reading and I’ll walk you through the entire process step by step.

For the Intermediate who already uses the Google Search Console You can skip to the Subheading that reads “Intermediates I Am The SubHeading With Your Targeted Benefits Below Me”.

If you’re are more advanced and you already have your Search Console and Google Analytics Accounts Synced but still cannot seem to find the data on CTR then you can skip down to the Subheading that reads “Here’s the Final Step”.

Look Listen and Learn

Alright Beginners let’s get into it. First of All, have you properly tagged the Google Analytics JS into the Head of your sites Pages? If not follow the steps below..

click through rate google analytics
All ScreenShots Courtesy of Google Analytics

 click through rate google analytics

click through rate google analytics

click through rate google analytics

Next… How to Set Up Your Site’s Webmaster Tools the Right Way

Now that you have your Google Analytics account all set up, (Yay!) It’s time for the second half of the formula. The Search Console. The Search Console includes some of my favorite data, and after your site is set up with the proper Webmaster Tools, I’m sure you’ll find the Console to be very rewarding and helpful. And just in case you’ve never set up a property with the search console…

…Look Below to see how…

ctr ga
All Webmaster Tools ScreenShots Courtesy of Google

ctr GA

Wow…You’re Almost Finished!!

This hasn’t been so bad. And now the beginners are all Caught Up with the Intermediates. Pretty much everyone should be on the same playing field now; just to make sure though…

…Really Quickly, if you have made it this far in the article you should have a web property that has a Google Analytics Account and that property should have a Search Console, (or Webmaster Tools) Account, verified by Google.

If that’s not the case for you then you need to go back and review the article and see whether you need the Search Console Instructions again and/or the Analytics Sign Up one more time.

Intermediates I Am The SubHeading With Your Targeted Benefits Below Me

BottomLine, we’re almost finished…

Next, let’s go over how to link your Search Console and your GA Account together so that we can finish this up and get you your stats. This Process is really simple but a lot of Webmasters leave it out, and leave a lot of valuable information on the table as a result. Here’s the steps to get your two properties properly synced.

To sync the two properties through your GA account first go to your GA account you have previously set up then follow the instructions below.

google analytics click-through rate

Here’s the Final Step

Finally We’ve Made It!

Alright so here is the final step… Watch Below…

Now That You’ve Finished Click Through Rate Google Analytics (Finding the Formula) make sure you check out What is CTR and Why Does it Matter? for more of the newest information on ClickRates Available!

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