Alpine SEO [6 Tips for 2018]

6 SEO TIPS FOR [Alpine Arizona 2018]

Before We Get Into The Alpine SEO [6 Tips for 2018]  

I just want to say this…


2018 is barely out in front of us!! We are gaining, in fact, we’re right on Father Times heels!! Needless to say, New Year’s Resolutions are on a lot of minds right now. How we’re going to evolve grow and become better versions of who we are? You know what I’m talking about… All that stuff Tony Robbins talks about right?


And of course…


Setting personal goals and achieving them is necessary. Having said that, I believe something that needs to be  equally important has to be setting pro goals as well. I coined these type of goals as “Paving My Crafts Path” years ago and it’s stuck with me. Because I needed it too so that one of my most important parts of my life, my way of earning a living, needs to be treated with priority. But… why call it “Paving My Crafts Path…”?


Probably because it’s a perfect vocal representation of what I am planning, striving for, and eventually achieving every year.

Which is this, Growing My Market Value. “What’s Jason Paden’s Market Value?” That’s what I ask myself constantly. I never actually answer myself with a figure because I don’t want to equate my life to paper. My life is worth more than any pile of monopoly money will ever be, but I do answer myself this way. My market values higher than it was last year! Because I make sure that it truly is as substantial higher as I possibly can get it.

Here’s the BottomLine…

One of the best ways to put a value on what you bring to the table is to see how much value you can bring to someone else’s life. And With that, let’s jump in to Sharpening up our 2018 SEO Tactical Assault, shall we.

2018 SEO Tactics for Alpine Arizona Revelations


Mobile First, Mobile First, Mobile First-


Alright you got away with it in 2017 but Mobile Search Volume

just grew greater than desktop search volume. Don’t Make the

mistake this year, the cost may be too high.


Site [Quality] Significance-


Google is putting in overtime to get the best results and to make

their users happy, which means we Webmasters need to do the same.

So I am challenging everyone: Get ahead of the curve before

January even gets here! It’s time to upgrade our sites.


Content Mines Need to Be Dug Deeper- 


Update all the content you can, and this time don’t just try to

quickly get something up on the page.

Stop rehashing what somebody else already said and

dig deep and find the jewels no one else has to offer but you.


Visual Search Advantages-


With the increase in visual searches this last year,

we have to assume it will be on the rise in 2018 as well.

Make your images the best you can, don’t forget

anchor title, alts, and the best descriptions you can produce.


SolveS UX Experiences


Another SEO trend you need to watch in 2018 is the improvement in user experience.

Get your bounce rate down CTR up and obviously more conversions will come.

Which means happy customer, happy Google, happy creator.


Optimized Snippets are Trending-


This is a great fad to follow because the better your snippets

are the more people will click. More Clicks equals better,

valuable ranks.


How Rewarding Will it be To Know Your Sites Good?


Yeah this challenge could definitely be a lot of work to accomplish especially if your like some of us and you own multiple sites, not to mention the fact that some of our sites are much larger than most… But that’s not the point. The point is to make small changes, short strokes paint masterpieces.

So go get out there and get it done, you had your snack..