My Name is Jason Paden,
and I am a SEO first, and a Webmaster second.
CTR Mobi, Jason Paden

I launched my first site over a year ago now. The first site was a Directory for Plastic Surgeons in Arizona. That site did great and after three months a local Surgeon bought the site from me.

After that I made a site that focused on only one keyword. Which
happened to be the name of a Famous Korean Actress/Model. In ads alone, that site was worth $11K the very first month.

Image Courtesy of SEMrush

Since then I’ve purchased over 100 Domain Names, some to develop, and some to resell. Thankfully, I hit my sales goal for the year in September.

I had planned to begin focused site development again the following month after I reached that sales goal. October rolled around and I rolled out of bed and into my computer, to begin my sites.

Today is December 12th, 2017 and I can proudly tell you that since then I have created a large Jobs site for the State of Arizona with an emphasis on finding people work in Phoenix, called City of Phoenix Jobs.

I have also launched this site, focused on Mobile Click Through Rate.

This site has been open a month now and it’s doing okay, not great but it’s getting there.

Clicks make such a huge difference in your ranking position and in the trending pages that it has to be something we all think about regularly.

If you’d like to get in Contact with me Feel Free to, you can reach out on this page. It’d be my pleasure to talk with you. And if you have any questions feel free to ask in using the form below.

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