Click Through Rate Mobile

Desktop VS. Mobile CTR

Before We Get into Desktop VS. Click Through Rate Mobile let’s brew up a pot of mischievous, big money payout, golden-ticket info for the community, shall we.

For a couple of years now Google and seemingly every other authority has been cramming Mobile First down every WebSurfer and each and every Webmasters Throat with relentless force.

Personally I own quite a few websites, each based on entirely different industries, quirks, and products. And I can attest that not one of my web properties get’s more Mobile Traffic than Desktop.

In Fact, not a single one of my sites, gets even half as much mobile traffic as desktop traffic.

I could go on and on about how Google bolsters the Cellular and Tablet search numbers, and so could much more authoritative voices like the like of SEO Book, to help cement my point, but we’ll get to that some other time. Not right now

Why Wait?

Simply Because What I’m About to Reveal is So Much More Worth Wild!!

Would you like to get a hold of Game Changing Insight that could be the future catapult of your average site? Insider tricks of the trade that will put you into the next stratosphere in terms of online income? Yesss!! Of Course!! So let’s get right into the whispers that speak in volumes of traffic meanwhile making the other content on this page look like chicken scratch…

 Your Sites Future Depends on the hush, hush Content Below

Your Sites Coveted Influence, Esteem, and Top Tier Income is at stake. Who wouldn’t give whatever they need to not only get their site to the Top? And Be One of the Highest Earning Sites?? But to Reign On the Top for Years to come??? Very Few.

Now, Remember…

…awhile back when I said that Mobile Traffic is not all it’s cracked up to be. Well I’m half way wrong about that.

Here’s the Thing, Just like everyone else, I hate having whatever Google wants to shove down my throat have to be the new norm. I really do. It’s so dictatorial and pretentious the way tops of Google Behave. Don’t be evil pfft..

The New Google catchphrase should be “Do as I Say, Not As I Do!”

But if you play the game and play it better than they expect you too, like the smart, little devils we are, you can rack up the profit pile poppa of digital marketing income.

click through rate mobile

Omniscient Optimization

So play the Game Google’s Way…

  • Go Mobile First, Shit Go Mobile Only
  • AMP your Pages
  • A/B test the Alphabet out of Your Ads.
  • Get Your CTR Through the Glass Ceilin
    • And without giving away too much of the what this Site is All About…
    • Watch the Mobile Monopoly Man type of Money Bags start piling up in Your Bank Account.


Who’s With Me?

Then Join the Band…

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